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Imagine feeling this good everyday!

Hormone optimization is important for overall health.  Energy, mood, mental clarity and libdo all improve with proper levels of key hormones.

Experienced Hormone Specialists

Dr. Ashok Kadambi and several members of our team have earned advanced practitioner status in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

Advanced Endocrine Care

Proactive management of diabetes, thyroid disorders, menopause symptoms, human growth hormone deficiency and more

Why Choose Us

Our mission is to increase your “healthspan” using bio-identical hormones and other therapies to prevent disease and better manage existing chronic disease.  

Our evidence-based approach includes detailed analysis by our on-site laboratory. These tests guide and inform our treatment, but we always place greater emphasis on symptoms you report and how you feel. In short – we listen to our patients and understand that “normal” lab values may not represent hormone levels are optimal for your body.  

 With over 40 years of combined experience, the providers of Fort Wayne Endocrinology will help you find a treatment plan optimised for your hormonal and endocrine health.

Conditions We Treat

Our commitment is to listen carefully to every patient and develop a care plan unique to their needs.  

  • Addison’s Disease
  • Andropause (Low Testosterone)
  • Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
  • Cushing’s Syndrome
  • Diabetes
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Growth Hormone Deficiency
  • Hypertension
  • Menopause
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Obesity
  • Osteoporosis
  • Pituitary Tumors
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Thyroid Disease

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We partner with other physicians to manage your care but do not require a referral for a consultation or treatment. Simply call 260.436.1248 request an appointment.

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We are proud to offer significant discounts for cash payment at the time of service for those without insurance or for those who are out-of-network.

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Our in-house lab uses procedures and equipment carefully selected and calibrated to produce an accurate picture of your body’s production of hormones and blood-levels of key nutrients.

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